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Seventh Seance - The Incision (EP) & Intro The Outside (Single)

Seventh Seance - The Incision (EP) (1982)

1. The Incision
2. The Incision (Version)
3. Neat Gin And Bloody Mary
Seventh Seance - Into The Outside (Single) (1984)

1.Into The Outside
2.Another Empty Face
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Two sought after classics in the shape of 'The Incision' and 'Into The Outside' by Seventh Seance. I can't find much about this band on the 'Net although it appears to have predominantly been a vehicle for Winston Detleiv's musical creativity. 'The Incision' comes with a very nice insert with the lyrics printed over an atmospheric picture of a castle in silhouette while the 'Into The Outside' sleeve has the lyrics dedicated to Jane.I did find a blog from a former drummer at Mr Steve's Truth. Check out the Monday June 26th 2006 post for an interesting read. It appears that Mr Steve was the drummer on the 'Into The Outside' recording although his surname has changed in the intervening years (??). Also, Martin McCarrick, who plays on the 1984 release, went on to find fame and fortune with numerous other bands including Siouxsie & The Banshees and Therapy? among others.(Apologies for the crackling on Into The Outside - let me know if it renders it unlistenable and I will try to copy/clean the recording again)
Guitars, Bass & Vocals - Detleiv
Piano & Cello - Martin McCarrick
Vocal Backing - Ian S & Detleiv
Drums - Steven Humphreys

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