segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

The Sky is Grey - A Tribute to Harry

"With an unusual blending of noise rock, distorted voices, punk, industrial, pop melodies, digital delay, guitars and synthesizers, Harry touched hearts, minds and souls of many music addicted in the brazilian underground scene.Pioneers of electro rock, the group were formed in late 1985, initially under the name Harry & The Addicts. Officially, the band released three albums: "Caos EP" (1987), the iconic "Fairy Tales" (1988), and the underrated "Vessel's Town” (1990).Now, “The Sky Is Grey” is a honest tribute to one of the most visionary bands of all times, whose work, truly masterpieces, certainly wasn't deservedly recognized by the mainstream audience.Among electronic projects and rock bands, 18 artists are involved, recreating 15 of some Harry’s classics.Released as MP3 digital collection, “The Sky Is Grey” was organized by label as a way to introduce the seminal group to the new generations and register our total devotion and respect to the Harry’s work."

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